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My Story

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My life has always included clear, intuitive directives. In 2015, Merakilabbe was born out of necessity to find my creative path and thrive on my own terms. There were ideas, messages, and emotions coming to and through me during plant ceremonies that wanted to be shared. I knew it was time to let go of the past and follow my creative impulse & the guidance of nature.


The most effective way to translate the messages I received was to communicate via symbols, metaphors, poetry, and deep feelings. Our souls don’t speak the human language, so I taught myself to draw in order to restore and re-wild the collective feminine essence. I wanted to envision a shared future, a future where every-body was in-relationship with the Earth. I wanted to raise awareness that everything is in relation to everything else. Nothing, and no one exists entirely alone.


It is my experience, both as an artist and a teacher, that when we take the leap into the act of creation, the Universe always holds us with the energy of love. Where there is love,  there is safety and trust to be exactly who we are, so that we can open ourselves up to our own power.


Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, power, and grace in it. Nature has medicine, stories, and wisdom in it. Your inner guidance and the wisdom of wilderness are inseparable. Know this and create you art & your life, with love, stewardship, and care.

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