exclusive hand embroidered blouse by Merakilabbe



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I moved to Tepoztlán in October 2020 and the first person I met was Señor Alfredo, the very kind, elegant, and an extraordinary human who was the steward of the compound where I lived. It didn't take us too long to form a strong kinship, and a connection that transcends time. Our days together consisted of walks in the old town, going to the farmers market, and taxi rides to Cuernavaca where he would take me to his favorite restaurants and teach me Spanish. Señor Alfredo expressed deep interest and liking to my art, and naturally, I shared many of my visions with him, one being the embroidered shirt.

In November 2020, Alfredo introduced me to his high-school sweetheart Carmen, who happened to be a wedding-dress seamstress based in Guadelajara. I invited Carmen to stay with us in Tepoztlán for a few days so that we can create a few shirt samples. She flew with her sewing machine and we worked day and night for one week, getting the shirt design right. Our days together were filled with love, imagination, and laughter, and many shared stories. Even through my broken Spanish, we were able to construct the design and bring the Boa Blouse to life!

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After the shirts have been made, I had a blank canvas to lay my artwork out in what I felt was the most intentional and meaningful symbolism of the Sacred Feminine. Carmen happened to know Rosita and Dulce, her son's roommates at University in Guadelajara, and suggested that they would be perfect for the embroidery side of the project. In March 2021, Rosita and Dulce had a break from school, and I was able to fly them to Tepoztlán for a few days to meet and see their work in person for the first time. Personally, I was going through a lot of changes as I had found out I was pregnant two months prior. Seeing the embroideries in person made me incredibly impressed with Rosita and Dulce's artistry and skill, and excited to continue the completion of the fifty shirts we planned. Both Rosita and Dulce invested a total of approximately 1000 hours to create you these magical shirts. 



The sizes are adjustable via the straps with room to breath and the ability to fit a range of sizes between xs -xl

❤  The blouses have been pre-washed to prevent shrinking. 

❤  Hand wash in cold water and air dry.

❤  Do not wring the blouse or iron directly over the embroidery. 

❤  The Boa Blouse is envisioned and designed by Merakilabbe

❤  Sustainably made in Mexico by Mexican artisans. 

❤  Made from undyed, unbleached, organic cotton.

❤  The fabric is durable, textured, and cool. It gets softer with each wash. 

❤  S / M - Bust measures 21 inches, top of shoulder to hem 20 inches

❤  L / XL - Bust measures 24 inches, top of shoulder to hem 22 inches


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