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about Vanja

Vanja Vukelic is an international artist, and a creative entrepreneur with  20+ years of synthesized experience in Healing Arts, Embodied Imagination, Mysticism, Dreamwork, Ritual Work, Vipassana, Nahualism, Animist Psychology, and Interpersonal Relationships. In her one on one individualized mentorships Vanja offers her ontological and intuitive skills to create connected & insightful dialogues and experiences that shatter psychic repression through sacred rituals of creation.

what people have to say

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“I worked with Vanja in a time of personal initiation and transformation in my creative life. The one-on-one session brought inspiration and healing to my journey in this cycle of life. I felt seen, heard, and held in exactly the way my being yearned for as I read and reread her transmission. She included many different elements in the reading and shared everything in a voice of love and invitation that felt uplifting and provided me with tools and perspective to help myself further. I am grateful for the experience, as it continues to enrich my life as the days unfold.” 

—  Megan Dwyer