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Vanja’s healing work was filled with clarity, her words brought me back to my essence, body and self-love. Her channeling brought me inspiration and confidence to sing and play and be my unabridged child-like self. Even after months of this session with her I can still resonate with the messages she brought and it keeps bringing me so much joy, the joy you usually feel in ceremonies after all that dark stuff and you've been cleansed and blessed with love. You can feel her connection with nature and the helping healing spirits of earth. And also very important for me, she's someone who’s down to earth!

Mariana Gutierrez

I worked with Vanja in a time of personal initiation and transformation in my creative life. The intuitive message she shared brought inspiration and healing to my journey in this cycle of life. I felt seen, heard, and held in exactly the way my being yearned for as I received her transmission. She included many different elements in the message and shared everything in a voice of love and invitation that felt uplifting and provided me with tools and perspective to help myself further. I am grateful for the experience, as it continues to enrich my life as the days unfold.

Megan Dwyer

I’ve known Vanja for years now, working with her a few times in one-on-one intuitive sessions, a commissioned artwork, and lots of kind and supportive communication in between. The level of care and compassion she shows makes it feel like I’ve known her for lifetimes. Though we have never met in person, I turned to her during some of my difficult moments and found her work and her unconditional presence to be uplifting at times when little else was. Trying to describe her work is like trying to describe magic, there isn’t one way to do it, it’s too big for that.

Sarah Abdulbaki

Vanja’s intuitive message felt like coming home to myself.  The transmission is guided by the divine. This essence filled my heart with feelings of deep connection, compassion, and love. I experienced the clouds lifting and clarity washing over me as I received her message over and over.  These were truths I held in my bones affirming my life's purpose. I have since carried a stronger line of empowerment within myself on my path and an unwavering connection to the natural world around me.  This offering was a soul reset. Vanja's connection with mother earth is profound and clear. She held the space for me to share exactly where I was desiring support with ease and care. 

Julia Bond

Working with Vanja is a completely easeful, fulfilling and magical process and our flourishing partnership is one of the most cherished parts of my business. Vanja is able to effortlessly translate into reality not only the brief but also the deeper meaning behind each image's purpose and intention in the most perfect ways. This is an incredible gift and enables every product that displays her work to take on a life of her own. Not only deeply talented, Vanja is also incredibly professional, reliable and punctual and always delivers in every imaginable way. Thank you Vanja for continuing to create from your heart and soul and graciously sharing it with us.

Bron Stange

Vanja felt my intention and created a beautiful piece of art. The process was kind, gentle, and communicative. I could tell she bonded with the idea I presented, making it all the more powerful and special. My life shifted in the best, most transformative way after this was put on my skin. Old patterns and darkness were acknowledged and let go with this new bright light inside of me. A month later I became pregnant with my son. A true rebirth and biggest blessing of my life.


Welcoming Vanja’s art to my body was something that was without much thought, but instead a deep drawing and connection. Flora, Fauna and Fungi carve deeply into my being and we are one. I take this piece as a shapeshifting into flourishing environments with great relationships by my side and love guiding me. I cherish this art greatly as I hold it with me through all the ebbs and flows of my life.


Vanja has a very natural and seemingly intrinsic ability to take the images of her subconscious mind and bring them to the surface with a soft resilience often reflecting that of some distant "re"-membering. There's a sense of coming home-ness in her illustrations that she seems to pull from, which in turn result in a safe haven for women everywhere, to collectively meet

ponder and heal.


Let me say that nothing I have ever brought into my home has EVER made me feel the way Vanja’s beautiful work of art makes me feel. When I opened the package, I felt something I can't even describe in my heart and soul. That is my FAMILY. The story of the love of my life. My beautiful girls, whose mere existence awakened me and shaped me into a new person. I can't tell you how much Vanja’s art means to me. Although I have several works in need of framing, Vanja’s jumped to the front of the list. I look forward to displaying it in my home and on my skin.


Custom Artwork

+ Custom Tattoo To Mark Time +


The process of  booking your custom tattoo is sacred. It’s a ritual that marks time, a medicine for the spirit and body, and artwork that carries pivotal times forward with us. It’s an honoring of your story.


This is a potent, deeply visceral , embodied, and an emotional creation, one that you will welcome on your skin not only for its aesthetic value, but as a living image with metamorphic potential.


If this work calls to you, please email me your idea below.


Creative Guidance


For artists interested in receiving guidance about the nexts steps in their creative journey, I am happy to offer practical help to any questions about pricing your work, collaborations, client-relationships, gallery exhibits, and can offer feedback on any art - related inquiry you may have. One of my big passions is setting new standards in the society, especially when it comes to how artists are seen / paid / respected / and valued for their work. If you simply want to have an encouraging conversation, or maybe you’re in need of guidance before working with your next client, or if you struggle with internal motivation I am here to offer support and encouragement, empathy and understanding, since most likely I’ve experienced similar challenges and successes in my art career. Available via Zoom or Phone

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