ritual cloths

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Textile Prints are a digital reproduction of original pieces of art intimately channeled and created in prayer. These sacred offerings are ways of paying homage to my pagan ancestors of blood and spirit ; the needleworkers, farmers, teachers, painters, and medicine people who weaved the webs of life through reciprocal relationships with Earth & Art. 


RITUAL CLOTH - Respect the holiness of your altar and reinforce energetic boundaries by using these cloths of service to physically and energetically protect sacred areas during ritual and ceremonies. The communion cloths may assist in activating the spiritual, the mystical, and the magical, allowing you to settle into receiving. Use in Tea Ceremony, Altar Divination, Earth Offerings, Tarot Readings, and any other daily ritual practice dear to your heart.


ART PRINTS - Awaken your remembrance, amplify the ambience, and bring a sense of calm, harmony, and inspiration into your home. I suggest professional framing or using wooden magnetic frames.

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MATERIAL : 100% organic cotton, mid-weight fabric printed with ecologically - safe ultra color technology using water - based inks.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS : Hand wash and hang dry as a first option. Otherwise, machine wash cool on a gentle/ delicate setting using eco-friendly detergent. Machine dry on a low temperature setting. Do not Iron directly on the artwork. Turn it around, spritz the surface lightly with water, or use steam iron on delicate setting.


SIZE : 13 x 17 inches

I so gratefully look forward to creating and sharing these with you.