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The Meadow is a field of calm that helps you remember your relationship with nature and the rest of the living world. This space is here to guide you back to your natural rhythms, to offer you nourishment, and expand your multidimensional self. 

the meadow



The Meadow is a frequency

more than anything else

What do you say?

Press play?

In The Meadow you will experience:


  • deeper dialogues with the natural world

  • feeling at home in your body

  • deeper spiritual connection

  • creative inspirations and activations

  • a more gentle mindset and inner peace

  • softening of your inner dialogue

  • alignment with your intuition

  • freedom of being exactly who you are

  • feminine empowerment

  • long-form writing and storytelling

  • confidence in your innate ability to listen

  • unique medicine messages

  • deep visioning meditations

  • moments of connection and synchronicity

  • interconnectedness and reciprocity

  • the intimate wonder of writing

  • the joy of community, creativity, and magic

  • belonging

What do you say?

Press play?


My journal is your library of weekly storytelling and insights to help you strengthen your intuition and touch something transcendent through a creative way of being in the world.


Our mini-orbital-sound sessions are intuitive messages from Nature, interwoven with intentional sound design and paired with original music to heighten the listening experience. Each message is infused with loving intentions, in the hopes that they’ll assist you in finding your inner peace and reclaiming your feminine voice. 

The size and shape varies from message to message, both honoring the transmission as it travels through the channels and because no star or flower is the same and why should messages from the heart be. 


A community Q&A practice of  opening your heart. 


You will engage in sharing, connecting, and learning with, and from others. We gather to embody a more rooted sense of being to meet what shows up with gentleness, receive expanded perspective, and make connections. 


In the illuminated web of photo forward pages, our collaborative annual publication aims to reclaim and restore the matriarchy.


Weaving together impactful, personal stories that change the future of now, we celebrate the YIN, encourage all women and lift their voices — away from patriarchy, rules, boxes, stereotypes and all other oppressive nature of social conditioning.

A Book of Magic

We want to show you what a matriarchal future looks like—and how we can help get there by offering you a glimpse at a world where women lead with honesty, grace, and conviction.

the meadow